Good customer service is imperative in business. We all know it, but sadly some businesses aren’t very good at fulfilling it. There is a great saying: “If you don’t look after your customers somebody else will,” which is extremely true and should be used more often. For meeting and event venues, good customer service can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful event and often it’s the little things that can make a big difference. At Kent Event Centre we pride ourselves on the great relationships that we have built over the years, it’s these relationships that have built a thriving events business for us.

We’ve put together four things that we think have helped our venue’s customer service offering and could help yours too.

Everyone is on the same page

From front of house staff, to operation staff and sales staff having a company-wide customer service plan is a really good idea. That way all your employees understand what is and isn’t acceptable and you create a consistent customer service offering.

Talking to our customers

The events industry is all about face-to-face but you would be surprised by how many people still hide behind email. Great customer service is all about building a relationship and a rapport with your customers and to do this you need to talk. From confirmation of the event right through to the end of the event, catching up with your clients is imperative to ensure things run smoothly and everyone is happy.

Being clear and true to our word

Selling the dream wins business, but if it isn’t the reality it can just as quickly loose that business. Being clear and true to your word is imperative in customer service. We like to think that great relationships are built on trust that means offering the very best we are able to deliver and delivering it to the best of our ability. Going above and beyond is second nature in our business, which results in happy organisers and successful events.

Keep smiling

Never underestimate the power of a smile. Even when times are challenging we try to always treat our customers with a smile.