Do you find yourself worrying about potential scenarios despite your hardest efforts? Planning an event of any scale can be a daunting and stressful time.

Events are one of the most highly demanding and time-consuming industries to be involved in. Stress management and crisis management are essential skills to have within this role, as although not everything is preventable, recognising potential concerns in advance allows for a smoother running of the event. Your preparation and work directly correlates with your confidence, therefore affecting your ability to overcome issues.

With event planning, there is little chance you will not encounter a single hiccup during the event organising process. Anything can happen; a key member of staff being told to isolate, technical problems, suppliers not responding etc. The important point is that the obstacle is not the problem itself but the reaction to it, and how quickly you are able to work out a solution.

Like anything in life. failure and hiccups will occur no matter how hard we try to avoid them, but we learn from our experiences and continue. The best advice anyone can give regarding planning an event is that no matter how small a potential issue may be, create a contingency plan for it!