Planning an event can be a very rewarding experience when everything comes together. However, the process can be somewhat challenging at points. So here at the Kent Event Centre, we have thought of our 5 best tips to help your process go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Start Planning Early

This might seem like a silly starting point, however, it is never too early to start getting the ball rolling on your event. Planning your event can be a lengthy process, especially if you have lots of suppliers involved, it can lead to a lot of discussions (which may take longer than you think). So, getting this sorted early can be a massive help, or at least take some baby steps in the beginning so it’s gotten the ball rolling and you can kick back and relax.  

  • Spread The Load

Take some pressure off yourself and spread the load among your team. Taking all the workload can easily be done when trying to pull off the perfect event, but it is just not doable.  If you want your event to be successful it is necessary to spread the work out.  This way you will have more time to perfect the smaller details. Brainstorming with your team on different ideas can lead to fewer problems cropping up and maybe new and exciting ideas being introduced to your event!

  • Don’t Lose Sight

It is easy for the excitement to take over and 1,000 ideas to be added in, taken away or re-arranged. However, don’t lose sight of why you are holding this event and what you want to gain/ deliver. It is difficult for you to deliver a successful event if you don’t tailor it to your delegates/ guests to their needs.

  • Have An Event Schedule

Knowledge is power, therefore having a detailed event schedule will make sure there is no confusion as to what is happening throughout your event. Make sure everyone involved has a copy, from colleagues to the venue, so if any issues do crop up everyone will know what the plan should be and how it could be resolved!

  • Expect The Unexpected

No matter how perfectly planned your event may be, there will always be something that crops up in the planning process or on the day. Running through different scenarios with your team is a great way to come up with a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Having a backup plan will help you run your event with some peace of mind, reassurance and great confidence!