Eventbrite has released its annual trend forecasting guide and here’s what we have found out for trends that eventgoers are going crazy for!

The year of adventure

Eventgoers desire an adventurous experience where they can try new things, explore new ventures and places as well as meet new people. With this sense of adventure, 62% of people want to spend money on experiences instead of material things. This desire has paved a new wave in successful events with immersive and experiential experiences. The UK has made a huge leap into immersive events, bringing out the best make-up artists, costumes and performers.

Backing Nature

This year, we are backing nature and going green by creating more eco-conscious events, with 62% of people attending events saying that they would prefer to pay a higher price for a ticket, knowing that the event will be more eco-friendly. It is easy to attract eco-conscious attendees by making a few small tweaks to your event, having clearly marked re-cycling spots, commits to sourcing materials that are locally produced or have low transportation and production emissions.

People coming to events also want to be surrounded by nature when having new experiences, sites that can immerse people in nature have become increasingly popular as people want to enjoy an outdoor experience with lots of greenery surrounding them.

Turning events into self-care

 The theme of seeking new adventures flows into the era of attending various events as self-care as going to a transformative experience is seen to improve their well-being. A new trend is becoming apparent of ‘Healthy Hedonism’, where it is all about pleasure and balance, whether this is on health or the bank balance! More than half of attendees want to go to events that offer a meaningful transformative experience and find events more appealing if they offer educational and interesting talks.

Innovative Marketing

This year it is going to be a big year for bold marketing statements. With attendees wanting fresh and new experiences, it could be time for you to get creative with marketing your event. Utilise your social media presence as word-of-mouth marketing is still a powerful tool, however, why not change some tactics, try using a QR Code breadcrumb trail?  Reaching new audiences can be hard but try to encourage user-generated content by offering incentives for people to scream about your event.